Wednesday, November 17, 2004

How Fundamentalists Think

Here's a fascinating blog about the workings of the fundamentalist mind, written by a woman who used to be a Christian Fundamentalist: ExFundie

For example:
The source of everything is their belief that they have discovered The Truth. Not “a” truth, but THE Truth. This is the important, crucial fact from which everything else flows inexorably. They are convinced they have discovered (or rather, had revealed to them*) The Truth about the universe: why it exists, how it functions, what its fate will be. And most important for them, included in The Truth is everything important about human beings: how they came to be, how they should behave, and how they can shape their ultimate fate....

...Certain things follow logically from believing you know The Truth. If you know the basic Truth about are not merely uninclined to entertain other truths, it is simply not logical to entertain other truths. Whatever is not The Truth is either a lie or, if you are being kind, a mistake or delusion. There is no room for “differing points of view.”...Those are either wrong, or delusional. Or…

Or – the third option. Because fundamentalists also tie The Truth to morality.
Here's the link to that particular post.


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