Tuesday, November 02, 2004

75% turnout in WI? Plus, payback in Milwaukee?

Heard on Wisconsin Public Radio on the way home from work that the voter turnout in this state is expected to be seventy-five percent. That's the highest ever, if it turns out to be true.

Also there was a report of some tires slashed on a bunch of Republican "Get Out the Vote" cars in Milwaukee--I'm a little fuzzy on the details since I was trying to listen and drive at the same time, but the tires were slashed on quite a lot of cars, maybe 100. Now, a few days ago, there were reports of flyers being circulated in Milwaukee containing the following text:
Milwaukee Black Voters League

Some warnings for election time
  • If you've already voted in any election this year you can't vote in the Presidential election
  • If you've ever been found guilty of anything, even a traffic violation you can't vote in the Presidential election
  • If anybody in your family has ever been found guilty of anything you can't vote in the Presidential election
  • The time to register for voting has expired. If you haven't registered you can't anymore.
  • If you violate any of these laws you can get ten years in prison and your children will get taken away from you.
So, in light of that flyer being passed around, in which every single assertion is not only false, but the very existence of it is a blatant insult, I have to admit I'm not surprised that a bunch of Republicans got their tires slashed. Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? No.


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