Tuesday, December 28, 2004

More Wave Damage

Hmmmm--the Somali tsunami damage may actually be worse than let on in the previous article:
Tidal Wave Hits Somalia, Kenya

In the east Africa area, Somalia was hit particularly hard by Sunday's tidal wave, killing more than one hundred people and destroying several coastal villages. There was also some damage in neighboring Kenya.

Somali presidential spokesman Yusuf Baribari described to VOA Monday the effect that the tidal wave has had on his country.

"The loss of life, it's in terms of hundreds," he said. "The loss of properties, it's absolutely something that we cannot even describe. There are entire coastal towns and villages that have been submerged, and they are still submerged, by the sea. The fishermen that yesterday went out for their daily activity into the ocean, they haven't come back yet."
Very bad.

This article is a few hours older than the previous one, so I don't know which damage estimate is more accurate. They both come from VOA News.


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