Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The future's so dim, I gotta wear nightvision goggles...

Eleven days, since my last post here, and that one was just that nice little picture of the fiasco in the Ukraine.

Politics, the ostensible focus of this blog, has gotten to be just too much for me to deal with lately. I am depressed with the futility of it all. The right succeeded in either 1) stealing yet another Presidential election, or 2) convincing several million additional fools to vote for the One Big Fool (aka The Shrub, aka The Chimp, aka That Fucking Moron, aka George W. Bush), and the left responds to this situation in it's usual fashion, namely splintering into a zillion different factions, none of whom can agree with each other as to where they went wrong. Not that it's particularly clear, in any case. I think a lot of things "went wrong." It would probably take hours to list them all.

I am not in the least bit optimistic about the American Left's ability to resurrect itself and turn this country around. It's my opinion, recently, that the American Left has been rendered impotent, and that this condition will remain in effect until some external force succeeds in enforcing its will upon the United States. My reasoning? Look at the various other fascist regimes which have existed in the 20th century. Have any of them simply gone away through peaceful means? Many, if not all, required massive external military intervention. A fascist movement, once it gains control of a country, will retain control until it is crushed, by force. Nicely and peacefully demonstrating is not going to work. Writing letters to the editor or to our "elected" representatives, including those who happen to be Democrats, is not going to work. Posting on blogs or internet forums is not going to work. Election reform is not going to happen. Media reform is not going to happen. The chokehold that American corporate oligarchs and fundamentalist fanatics currently inflict on the nation and the world is not simply going to cooperate and go away.

It may sound like I'm advocating violence here, but I'm really not. I hate violence. I'd rather just sit in front of the television and watch fake violence. I'm just saying how I think things might pan out. It's not looking good, and I wish I could go somewhere else. Hell, I wish I could take my entire extended family with me (those willing to go).

Meanwhile, I simply observe, keep up somewhat with my favorite blogs, follow the usual internet forums, to see if anything resembling good news shows up. So far, as far as I can remember, it hasn't. (Except for that Kerik guy withdrawing himself from consideration for the Homeland Security Czar post, but what are the odds that the One Big Fool and his advisors won't come up with someone just as bad, if not worse?) And, if the opportunity should present itself for me to lend a hand, I'll be around.

Happy Solstice (in case I don't post here before then).


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