Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The US Supreme Court - yet another reason why BUSH MUST GO

Bob Harris provides a nice reminder of one very important reason why we really need the Shrub to lose next week: The Supreme Court, which currently consists of the following people:

John Paul Stevens, age 84. Cancer survivor.
William Rehnquist, age 80. Currently hospitalized for thyroid cancer.
Sandra Day O'Connor, age 74. Cancer survivor.
Ruth Bader Ginsberg, age 71. Cancer survivor.
Antonin Scalia, age 68
Anthony Kennedy, age 68
Stephen Breyer, age 66
David Souter, age 65
Clarence Thomas, age 56

If the Shrub is re-elected, it's pretty much certain that he will be able to appoint several new justices. And, if there's any question as to what sorts of people he'll come up with, take a look at Charles Pickering, whom Bush put on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit by recess appointment. Incredibly, the recess in question was the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, which is amazing given this (again, quoted from Bob Harris' new blog):

Charles Pickering, for example, has been consistently hostile to civil rights and voting rights issues while siding with cross-burners (literally) and advocating increased enforcement of Mississippi's laws making interracial marriage a crime.

It's not likely that the Senate would actually approve the nomination of an extremist like Pickering to the Supreme Court, but at the very least, Bush could continue to make recess appointments in defiance of Congress (a practice which really ought to be limited by law, and which should specifically exclude people like Pickering who have previously been rejected).


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