Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election results

So let's see how I did:

1) The Amendment passed. I offer my congratulations to all the dumbfucks in the State if Wiskonsin who voted "yes" yesterday. Are any of you idiots, perchance, actually living together without being married? Stupid shits, this amendment was aimed squarely at you. Anyway, looking at what I wrote yesterday, I see I kind of weasled out of making a call on this one. I tried to find some grounds to predict a "no" victory, but wasn't able to get quite that far. I guess that means I was anticipating a "yes" win, but didn't want to actually acknowledge it.

2) Wrong on this one. Green lost, big time. I guess if I'm going to be predicting election results, I should pay more attention to the actual political climate outside my office (which has been all pro-Green ever since Green announced his candidacy).

3) Right on this one, but this was a very easy call. Kohl gets his fourth term in the Senate.

4) Right on this one, except the Democratic candidate won by a much wider margin than I could have possibly anticipated. Surprising.

So that's that.

Oh yeah, we also have a death penalty in Wiskonsin now. Yay.


Isn't it interesting that the Democrats won big, but on the referenda everyone got all knee-jerk facist? My feeling about what this means is that the Dems are likely to lose big in 2008. I wonder if I'll remember this prediction two years from now?


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