Thursday, October 19, 2006

News Flash: GOP inflicted with acute foot-in-mouth disease

I've been absent from this blog for a while. What can I say--politics is a bitch and I need lots of breaks.

This, however, simply cannot be ignored:
Republican Ad Calls Black Women "Ho's"

No one can criticize the GOP for failing to produce sophisticated propaganda that successfully exploits the hopes and fears of white middle Americans. But can the right-wing distraction factory woo minorities with the same techniques? Check out the following transcript of a new Republican ad targeting black voters in 10 battleground states this year and you be the judge:

BLACK MAN #1: "If you make a little mistake with one of your 'hos,' you'll want to dispose of that problem tout suite, no questions asked."

BLACK MAN #2: "That's too cold. I don't snuff my own seed."

BLACK MAN #1: "Maybe you do have a reason to vote Republican."
Yeah, offensive. But what really slays me is how completely clueless someone would have to be to produce something like this. Seriously, I can't help but laugh at that level of ineptitude. The ad was financed by J. Patrick Rooney, a major GOP player, which is even more hilarious.


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