Friday, September 23, 2005

What the fuck is the deal with conservatives, anyway?

What exactly are these people on? Whatever it is, I want some:
The Right Vote

IT SHOULDN'T BE necessary to write in praise of the three Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who this week voted in committee to confirm John G. Roberts Jr. as chief justice of the United States. Supporting overwhelmingly qualified members of the opposite party for the Supreme Court used to be the norm, not an act of courage. Yet, set against the general opposition from Democrats to the nomination, and truly intense pressure from interest groups, the votes cast by ranking Democrat Patrick J. Leahy (Vt.) and Wisconsin's Herb Kohl and Russell Feingold took guts. Their votes ensure that Judge Roberts will not take the helm of the judiciary perceived as the representative of only one party, and they guarantee that at least some Democrats -- albeit sadly few -- will have the moral authority to demand Republican support for qualified liberal nominees in the future.

The larger Democratic opposition to Judge Roberts represents a disturbing departure from longtime Senate practice. [emphasis added]
Bwaahahahahahaha! Oh, that's a good one. But they carry the humor too far:
Of the current members of the court, only Justice Clarence Thomas had substantial opposition.
Do I smell a bit of weaseling here? They cleverly sweep the GOP stonewalling of Clinton's lower court nominees under the rug by selectively limiting their example to the Supreme Court. They also seem to have forgotten the name "Bork" for some reason. The point being, there is nothing new about voting against a court nominee. This game has been going on for something like two decades now, so calling it a "departure from longtime Senate practice" is ridiculous.

But wait--there's more:
In refusing to support an indisputably qualified conservative, Democrats send a message that there is a strongly partisan component of the task of judging -- something those who believe in independent, apolitical courts must reject.
Right. They openly refer to Roberts as a "conservative" nominee, and then accuse the Democrats of partisanship simply for opposing him?

What the hell is the deal with conservatives, anyway? Why do they, time and time again, project their own evils onto the opposition? Do they even realize they are doing it? Or is it all part of their secret Dalek Masterplan?


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