Monday, September 13, 2004

First Post

Well, well.

Just starting out, and at this point I have not a whole lot of clue what I'm doing. But if I actually end up liking this blog thing, that will change.

I guess the main reason I'm starting this is that, for some reason, I felt like talking this morning, but not in my usual spots. I've been posting online for a long time in various places, almost all of them really interactive, and I was feeling a bit more monologous today. Not really interested in engaging in a dialog, although I plan on leaving the "allow comments" option turned on, since I don't want to be a total asshole about this. :-)

At this point, I don't know if this blog will turn into something worthwhile, or just end up being a place for me to bitch incessantly. I suppose it may end up being a bit of both. I do get ambitious sometimes.

It's also interesting to speculate as to who might end up reading this: Will I point it out to my friends and acquaitances on the online forums? Or maintain it as a totally separate realm? Or even make it part of the sphere of my "normal" offline life? At this point I'm leaning towards the first option, as the name I chose for this blog, "Chunks, Eggs en Prix," is actually an anagram for my moniker on other forums. But we'll see. And for now, the only people who are going to see it are those who happen to stumble across it while browsing on Blogger. However that works. Hmph. Yet another thing to investigate.

Ha. So far, so good. I kind of like this, actually.


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