Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stoopid America

Yes, I am in a bit of a derogatory mood today. But can you blame me?


I Fought The DMV To Keep The World's Greatest License Plate
He lost.

In question was a Virginia "Kids First" license plate belonging to the automobile of Garth Yeaman, and cleverly adorned with the words "Eat the". (Or, more accurately, "EATTHE".) Very amusing, and a lot of people felt that way too. He claims to have experienced only one substantially negative response from anyone, in the years he displayed the plate.

In the end, though, there was a second negative response, and that one came from the Virginia DMV. Some hypersensitive, overly-concerned busybody felt that the plate was a veiled reference to pedophilia. The idea is ridiculous, of course, but Yeaman had to give it up anyway. As often happens, as soon as pedophilia enters the discussion, reason exits.

To be specific, what's "stoopid" about this isn't the fact that one person raised such a ridiculous concern in the first place. There will always be idiots in the world, that's just a fact of life. What's genuinely stoopid about this is that, in this case, the ridiculous concern was taken seriously by an official government body, rather than being immediately thrown on the trash heap where it belonged.

(It's also kind of stoopid that we have "kids first!" license plates at all, but that's kind of a side issue.)

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