Friday, May 06, 2005

Spinoff Blog

Recently I've decided to focus this blog more exclusively on politics and world affairs type stuff, indicated by a change to the description up at the top that I implemented last week (or maybe it was the week before).

Consequently, a need arose to create another blog where I could post items that no longer fit the focus of this blog. So I did, a few days ago. I haven't remembered to post a link to it on the sidebar yet, but the blog itself is called [redacted--it's no longer active and I would rather not direct people to it, sorry]. I had actually wanted to grab the address, but it was taken already. (And by a single-post blog, too! Damn!)

There's also a third blog that I started a little over a month ago (which means it would actually be the second blog, I guess), but I am currently undecided as to the specific direction I am going with that one, so I will not post a link to it at this point.


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